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    WHO WE ARE… 

    The Valken Alliance is a community of airsoft players who want to unite with other like-minded individuals in their area who enjoy the game of airsoft, and come together to show their pride in the Alliance. Our goal is to give airsoft players what they’re craving; the ability to play more airsoft with fellow members in their region. But the Alliance gives you much more than just an outlet to play airsoft together!


    TEAM UP 

    The Valken Alliance is divided up into six distinct regions throughout the United States, and more regions are growing globally! So we have created regional Facebook groups for Alliance members to join, post, and share within these groups. These groups are about Alliance players and teams coming together. Sharing events, getting to know other members in your area, and teaming up at events/fields for a more EPIC experience! Just click on our REGIONS tab to find your Valken Alliance Regional Facebook group, and link up with other Alliance members TODAY!



    Not only did we create a Valken Alliance website and Valken Alliance Facebook page to keep members updated, but we also created the biggest budget airsoft LIVE show on the internet called the Valken Debrief! The Valken Debrief is home to our two airsoft hosts: Kaiju and Darth Valken. Every Thursday night at 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central on the Valken Airsoft Facebook page, Kaiju and Darth Valken share upcoming events, give away free stuff, and have a special guest and topic each and every week. We want to engage with our members during every broadcast. So you can comment in the LIVE chat during the show to ask our hosts or guests questions, or share your opinions on the weekly topic. You can also catch any previously missed episodes on our YouTube Channel Playlist!



    Alliance membership also comes with some perks! Alliance members will receive a weekly newsletter sharing some happenings throughout the Alliance, such as event videos, new Alliance teams, upcoming events, etc. These newsletters can also contain special coupons or offers just for Alliance members only! Alliance members can also get discounts at certain sponsored events where you find the Valken compound marked by Valken Alliance flags. The Alliance also offers sponsorship opportunities for teams within the Alliance. If your team is looking for a new sponsor, just head on over to the SPONSORSHIPS tab and fill out the online form TODAY!